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DOT Collector Instructor Training Course

8 hour course that includes instructor competency tests in several areas. Meets and exceeds the new DOT requirements for instructors.

Eight hour course covering new DOT drug test collection regulations and procedures. Includes the Collector Course. Instructors shall be provided with tools needed to conduct collector courses. Attendance in the Collector Instructor Course shall meet new DOT rules for training collectors. Each person must bring at least (7) copies of the new HHS Federal five-part Custody and Control Form in use by their laboratory and (7) corresponding sealed split specimen collection kits. Instructors shall be listed in the Alpha Pro Solutions nationwide instructor database for future referrals. A permanent copy of the collector instructor certificate shall be maintained by Alpha Pro Solutions, and the collector instructor shall be notified when future refresher training is required.

Who should attend: New and refresher collectors and collector instructors, collector supervisors, occupational health providers, employers of DOT covered workers, auditors, insurance representatives, laboratory representatives, MROs and assistants, SAPs, TPAs.

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