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DOT BAT Refresher Training Course

6 hour refresher course to ensure BATs are on DOT rules and regs. Required EBT proficiency testing included.

Six hour course covering new DOT alcohol testing regulations. New DOT rules require certified BATs to undergo refresher training. Mock tests shall be performed using your own breath alcohol testing device. A refresher BAT proficiency certificate shall be provided. Certified BATs must send a copy of their existing BAT/EBTcertificate with their Registration Form, plus note the make and model of EBT used. BAT Refresher students must bring their own breath alcohol testing device and (15) mouthpieces to class. A permanent copy of the BAT refresher certificate shall be maintained by Alpha Pro Solutions, and the BAT shall be notified when future refresher training is required.

Who should attend: Certified BATs and their supervisors. BAT Instructors, TPAs, MROs, Occupational health providers, Employers of DOT covered workers.

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