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Alpha Pro Solutions, Inc. provides on-site substance abuse program consulting services.

"In light of pending changes to regulated alcohol and drug testing," says Ms. Clark, "employers and their service providers are going to need help with what could be a difficult transition for some.  Alpha Pro Solutions was formed to help companies uphold quality standards while keeping up with evolving regulatory requirements."

Internal Audits
An Alpha Pro Professional will come on-site and provide spot checks of your company's alcohol and drug test collection process.  A review of testing documents and required records is included.  Written recommendations for changes, when necessary, are provided.
Substance Abuse Policy Development
Alpha Pro Solutions can work with your Risk Management, Legal, and Human Resource staff to ensure pertinent alcohol and drug testing issues are covered appropriately in your company policy.
Substance Abuse Program Cost Analysis
Alpha Pro can perform a cost analysis of your current alcohol and drug testing program.   We can work with your health and safety departments to determine the impact of substance abuse testing and/or abuse at your company.
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